bazal implant

bazal implant

Advantages of immediate loading of dental implants and base implants:

In the method of immediate loading of dental implants, a prosthesis can be mounted on the implant immediately after implantation. In this way, within 72 hours, the dental implant is finished and you will have a tooth.
Therefore, this method saves a lot of time and money, because in the conventional method of implant placement, you have to wait six months to a year to finally have a tooth.


Benefits and benefits of instant implant loading:


• You will have a tooth immediately

• The beauty of a smile is restored There is no need for a bone graft

• Only one surgical step is required

• There is good bone support

• It is less aggressive

• Has a high success rate Problems such as inflammation around the implant do not occur

• It costs less overall

• One-piece implant can be used (base implant)

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