Laminate this of these methods. In correcting the smile pattern, you can hide this treatment method with the help of discoloration.

So that it is impossible for those around him to recognize that it is restorative.

There are two main types of laminates: ceramic-composite

Of course, these two categories are also called composite wiener and ceramic wiener.
You can also use the term porcelain laminate or porcelain wiener for ceramic laminate.

Depending on the choice, it is possible to use both types of laminate. These two types are in fact laminate and special that can be introduced together

Ceramic laminate: Ceramic laminate consists of a thin ceramic shell with a diameter of 5-6 mm.

The thickness of this thin shell is twice the thickness of the egg shell
This method is applied to the patient's teeth with the help of various resin bands that are sticky
The ceramic laminating method is very similar to natural teeth and therefore it is impossible for others to diagnose tooth restoration.

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